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You DON'T want to know about my life

13 August
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I really hate latin.
Seriously, I'm done with my five years to obtain my "Latinum" and I won't touch a latin book ever again.

Okay, um. Back to myself.

I'm from germany, though I wish I was born somewhere else. Somewhere a little more interesting, or greener, or warmer. I don't particularly like germany, but it's okay I guess.

I'm in love with everything Ireland or Japan- related and visit Italy quite often.

English is my favourite language and I hate french(no offense ment, it's the teachers fault).

I like cats, snakes and ravens.

That's about it. I'm quite boring actually ;-)
animated movies and anime, celtic woman, everything fantasy-related; terry pratchett, languages, lyriel, martial arts, nightwish, wise guys, writing